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Luxury Soul 2019 - Expansion Records

Singer/Songwriter Patrice Isley

The Las Vegas television personality and chanteuse Patrice Isley has been selected to appear on the annual collection of soul talent on the UK’s number one independent soul label Expansion Records’ forthcoming release, appearing alongside such luminaries as Incognito, Mica Paris and Chris Jasper (Isley Brothers and Isley/Jasper/Isley) and Maysa.

It was through a chance meeting with the label’s PR Diane Hinds of The Entertainment Bureau who connected both parties in October 2018 that led to an invitation from the soul label’s CEO Ralph Tee.

Patrice meets all the right credentials for inclusion with an illustrious career that has seen her perform alongside Barry White, Gladys Knight, Philip Bailey, El DeBarge, Chante Moore, Teddy Pendergrass and Andrea Crouch.  Too many to list here.  These appearances have also seen her perform at The Grammy’s, The Tonight Show, Arsenio Hall & Soul Train.

Patrice’s track “Just Believe In Love” is taken from her 2016 album “Believe In Love”.

As an aside, Patrice’s singing coach David Lee Brewer is known for his work with Beyonce and her former band Destiny’s Child.  It’s not hard to see why critics say she has the ‘voice of an angel’ (Steve Edwards, Morning Lounge Radio Show, KUNV 91.5) and ‘the most amazing voice I’ve ever heard . unparalleled vocals’, (Charlie Bass, host, Vegas Talk).

Tenuous link:  Patrice’s husband Myron Isley’s great grandfather and the Isley Brothers’ grandfather are brothers.

About Expansion Records:

The leading independent soul label Expansion Records commences each year with one of the label’s most anticipated collections, “Luxury Soul”.  

The success of the series comes down to the quality of tracks sourced from independent soul music artists, often unsigned or with recordings previously unissued or on limited release elsewhere.  

The release coincides with the sold-out Luxury Soul Weekender event taking place in January 2019 in Blackpool, the year that commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Bluey from Incognito in the business.  

Included on this unique collection is an exclusive Incognito production for Indonesian artist Dira with guest appearances by the group on music from Maysa, Inner Shade, Diplomats of Soul, Kloud 9, and Russian singer Olga Makovetskaya.  

Also exclusive to this release on CD are tracks by Marc Evans, Steve Nichol (formerly of Loose Ends), Phillip Leo, Gina Foster, Buscrates, Raquel Rodriguez, Saskia, Zed Soul feat. Rose Vincent, Tracy Hamlin, Boogie Back, Patrice Isley, Victor Haynes and One Way feat. Al Hudson. 

Label Copy:

  • Label Expansion
  • Cat. Number CDB EXP 19
  • Format CD x 3
  • Dealer Price
  • Release Date 11th January 2019
  • Barcode 5019421 10925
  • www.ExpansionRecords.com
  • Album available through Dusty Groove (US).

Patrice Isley’s links:



Various Artists



1. Falling Back Into Love (4:16)

Marc Evans

(Brian Power/Marc Evans/Mike Patto/Toni Economides) Copyright Control

Produced by Brian Power, Mike Patto & Toni Economides

(P) 2018 SoulHouse Music Ltd


2.  Living For Today (4:32)


(J-P. Maunick/M. Cooper/F. Hylton/D. Sugandi)

Copyright Control

Produced by Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick

(P) 2019 Expansion Records


3.  Dangerous Romance (6:09)

Steve Nichol feat. Ellene Masri

(Ellene Masri) Copyright Control

Produced by Soulpersona

(P) 2018 So-UK Music Ltd



4.  Standing Ovation (3:56)

Blu Mitchell

(Byron Blu Mitchell/Brett Dismuke/Grant Nicholas/David Williams/William Birkhead III) Copyright Control

Produced by Byron Blu Mitchell, Brett Dismuke & Grant Nicholas

(P) 2018 Mastermind Entertainment

Taken from the album “Blu Eyed Soul”



5.  Special Day (3:41)

Natasha Watts

(Natasha Watts/Josh Milan/Richard Earnshaw) Copyright Control

Produced by Richard Earnshaw

(P) 2018 Natasha Watts

Taken from the album “My Next Chapter”



6.  Don't Judge Me (Mellow Mix) (4:22)

Phillip Leo

(Phillip Pottinger) Big Lion Music

Produced by Phillip Leo

(P) 2018 Big Lion Productions

taken from “Mellow Soul Moods, The Soul Remixes”. Vol.2



7.  What's Happening Next? (3:51)

Gina Foster

(Andrew Connell/Gina Foster) Sony ATV/Copyright Control

Produced by Andy Connell

(P) 2019 Miro Music


8.  You Got Me (Extended Mix)(5:02)

Buscrates feat. Laura Benack

(Orlando Marshall) Taking Brooklyn Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Orlando Marshall

(P) 2018 Voyage Funktastique/Bastard Jazz Recordings


9.  No Explanation (3:55)

Chris Standring feat. Mica Paris

(Chris Standring/Lauren Christy/Mica Paris) Mr Christian Music (BMI)/Lcbaba Baby Songs (BMI)/Copyright Control

Produced by Chris Standring

(P) 2018 Ultimate Vibe Recordings

Taken from the album “Sunlight”



10.  Mile High (3:43)

Raquel Rodriguez

(Raquel Rodriguez/Sam Brawner/Corbin Jones) RQLROD Music

Produced by Sam Brawner & Nigel Hall

(P) 2018 Raquel Rodriguez

Taken from “The 310, Part 2”



11.  Secret Lover (4:50)


(Saskia/Magoo) Copyright Control

Produced by Magoo

(P) 2017 DD Lahouve Production

12.  I Want Your Lovin' (3:59)

Zed Soul feat. Rose Vincent

(Amar Naik) Copyright Control

Produced by Amar Naik

(P) 2018 Zed Soul



1.  Pressure (4:46)


(Jean-Paul Maunick/Dominic Oakenful/Maysa Leak) BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd/Circle Music Ltd

Produced by Jean-Paul Maunick & Simon Cotsworth

(P) 1999 Rice Records

Taken from the album “All My Life”


2.  Everything Is Good 2Nite (4:54)

Kloud 9 feat. Incognito

(Jean-Paul Maunick/Dominic Oakenful/Maysa Leak/Kendall Duffie) BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd

Produced by Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick, Ski Oakenful & Kendall Duffie for 4.5 Productions

(P) 2009 Expansion Records

Taken from the album “Everything is Good 2Night”


3.  Got To Keep Moving On (5:23)

Olga Makovetskaya featuring Incognito

(Jean-Paul Maunick/Richard Bull) Copyright Control

Produced by Jean-Paul Maunick & Richard Bull

(P) 2015 Expansion Records



4.  Stronger (4:09)

Nickee B

(Nickee B) Copyright Control

Produced by Nickee B

(P) 2018 Avant Garde Records

Taken from the album “Stronger”



5.  Show Somebody Love (4:16)

Chris Jasper

(Chris Jasper) Jasper Stone Music Inc (ASCAP)

Produced by Chris Jasper

(P) 2018 Gold City Records, Inc

Taken from the album “Dance with You”



6.  You're My Sunny Day (Live Sunshine Vocal Mix)(4:26)

Tracy Hamlin

(Ernesto Phillips/Renee Diggs) Sony/ATV Harmony UK

Produced by Earl Tutu & John Khan

(P) 2018 DMH Records LLC



7.  Free To Be Me (4:57)

Lindsey Webster feat. Norman Brown

(Keith Slattery/Lindsey Webster) Copyright Control

Produced by Keith Slattery

(P) 2018 Shanachie Entertainment Corp

Taken from the album “Love Inside”



8.  Much Love (4:26)

Euge Groove feat. Rahsaan Patterson

(Charles Mimms/Rahsaan Patterson) Cornelio Carlos Music (ASCAP)/Orange Book Music LLC (ASCAP)

Produced by Euge Groove

(P) 2016 Shanachie Entertainment Corp

Taken from the album “Still Euge”



9.  Grow (4:25)


(C. Bumbray/J. Daise/J. Edwards) Selim Music Publishing (BMI)

Produced by Jason “BrotherSpanky” Edwards & John Daise”

(P) 2018 Harmonious Grits LLC

Taken from the album “Songs of Love And Freedom”


10.  Are You Using Me (6:16)

Inner Shade

(Jean-Paul Maunick/Peter Hinds/Randy Hope Taylor) Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd

Produced by Jean-Paul Maunick

(P) 1998 Rice Records

Taken from the album “4 Corners”


11.  Last Song (4:17)

Darien Dean feat. Tiffany T'Zelle

(Darien Dean/Tiffany T'Zelle) Copyright Control

Produced by Shawn Hibbler

(P) 2018 Darien Dean

Taken from the album “Detours”





1.  I Want You Back (4:08)

Boogie Back feat. Cheri Maree

(Toby Baker/Ernie McKone/Cheri Maree) Copyright Control

Produced by Ernie McKone and Toby Baker for Boogie Back Productions

Additional Production: Marcus Williams

(P) 2018 Boogie Back


2.  Brighter Tomorrow (5:52)

Diplomats of Soul Feat. Incognito & Imaani

(Clifford Branch Jr) Imagem Music

Produced by Jean-Paul Maunick & Richard Bull

(P) 2015 Expansion Records


3.  Hopping, Skipping (3:58)

Victor Haynes

(Victor Haynes/Pete May) Copyright Control

Produced by Victor Haynes & Pete May

(P) 2019 Expansion Records


4.  I Want Your Love (6:27)

One Way

(Dave Roberson Jr/Al Hudson III) D’Elegance Music (BMI)

Produced by Dave “Maestro D” Roberson

(P) 2019 Expansion Records

Taken from a new album due in 2019


5.  My Baby (3:24)

Ronnie McNeir & The Instant Groove

(Ronnie Mcneir/Houston/Moore) Copyright Control

Produced by Ronnie McNeir

(P) 1981 Setting Sun Productions


6. Winter Love (5:49)

Robb Scott feat. Elisabeth Troy

Robb Scott/Elisabeth Troy

Copyright Control

Produced by Robb Scott

(P) 2018 Expansion Records

Taken from the album “Siren”



7.  I'll Always Love You (5:58)

Rockie Robbins

(Rockie Robbins) Garber Music

Produced by Kenny Ford

(P) 1991 Expansion Records

Join the Rockie Robbins Fanpage on Facebook


8.  Just Believe In Love (4:54)

Patrice Isley

(Olivia Brown/Reggie Andrews) Warner Chappell Music Ltd/Warner Bros Music Ltd

Produced by Lew Laing, Jr

(P) 2016 Patrice Isley Music

Taken from the album “Believe In Love”



9.  Drifting (4:13)

Kim Tibbs

(Regi Myrick/Kim Tibbs) Copyright Control

Produced by Kim Tibbs & Reginald Myrick

(P) 2017 Expansion Records

Taken from the album “Kim”



10.  Stay Away Form You (4:39)

Chris Ballin

(Chris Ballin/Ashley Ingram) Copyright Control

Produced by Ashley Ingram

(P) 1993 Expansion Records


11.  Crazy Luv (4:20)


(Kashif/Terris Bolden) Kashif Music

Produced by Kashif

(P) 2003 Brooklyn Boy

Taken from the album “Who Loves You” (Expanded Edition)


12.  So Nobody Else Can Hear (3:30)

Jimmy Cobb

(Steve Satten) BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd

Produced by Pee Wee Ellis

(P) 1983 Jimmy Cobb World Inc

Taken from the album “So Nobody Else Can Hear”



© 2019 Expansion Records

Barb Jungr


In a widely admired career that has defied categorization, musician, writer, composer, lyricist, Barb Jungr, has been critically lauded for her insightful and passionate interpretive style, described as “revelatory” by the New York Times. Her deconstruction/reconstruction of popular songs and unusual and beautiful musical arrangements are characteristics that allow the listener new insights into familiar music. In recent years, Jungr has brought her singular talents to the songbooks of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Jacques Brel and more, creating the genre of the New American Songbook. In her 45 year recording career alongside many collaborations she has released 18 solo albums, many for Linn Records, receiving outstanding reviews worldwide and winning many awards. Jungr and McDaniel’s collaboration has now produced two recordings. In 2011, Jungr received the New York Nightlife Award for Outstanding Cabaret Vocalist, the Backstage Bistro Award for Best International Artist, and Time Out New York's #1 Top Live Cabaret Act for 2011.

Glam Adelaide said of Barb Jungr, “It’s as if Edith Piaf and Nick Cave had a lovechild who was adopted by Carmen McCrae!” Her powerful singing style reaches across musical boundaries and defies easy categorization.


Beginning as a singer and performer on the alternative cabaret circuit, Barb earned numerous awards, including a Perrier. Never one to sit still, physically or artistically, she has evolved through the years into one of the UK’s finest and most distinctive singers. Her exhilarating vocal style fuses her sense of jazz, blues and soul with elements of everything from musical theatre to African and Iranian folk singing.


“Bob Dylan, jazz, northern soul, Nina Simone and continental Europe’s cabaret music perform a subtle dance in Jungr’s consciousness.” The Guardian


Born in Rochdale to Czech and German parents, Barb sang in folk clubs at school and in jazz and blues bands at college and in London. She began recording for CBS in the late 1970s and toured with Kid Creole, Alexie Sayle, and Julian Clary, among others. Over four decades, she has never ceased performing, locally and internationally on stage, as well as appearing regularly on radio and television.


“The brilliant jazz singer on world-beating form. Barb Jungr proves she’s a genuine jazz marvel….A true musical alchemist. She is truly a marvel, who should not be missed”  **** 4 stars The Telegraph

Last year Barb appeared all over the UK and in Europe promoting the re-release of her Bob Dylan “cult classic” Every Grain of Sand. She appeared in the USA in New York, Ancram, New Hope and Connecticut, premiering two new collections of Sting’s repertoire with John McDaniel “Float Like a Butterfly - the Sting Project”, and a collection of 1970’s material “Peaceful Easy Feeling”. 

Jungr co-adapted and wrote songs and music for Michael Rosen’s Chocolate Cake with director Peter Glanville for Polka Children's Theatre. Liver Birds Flying Home, for which she co-wrote the book and the songs (with Mike Lindup of Level 42) had a 5 week run at Liverpool’s iconic Royal Court Theatre in spring 2018.

In 2016, Barb undertook a sellout Australian tour, playing Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Byron Bay, and the Adelaide and Brisbane Cabaret Festivals. She visited the US several times, appearing as a featured artist in the Lincoln Center’s American Songbook series in NYC, as part of James Gavin’s celebration of Peggy Lee. She also performed at the McCallum Theater in Palm Springs, California as part of Michael Childer’s annual One Night Only gala, this one focusing on the work of Stephen Sondheim with John McDaniel MD.  Meanwhile, on US television Barb was interviewed for her own episode of The Kate, a nationally broadcast six-part music and performance series on PBS, presenting ‘bold performers with something to say’. As well as the interview, Barb’s episode featured a filmed live performance of her collaboration with Grammy winning jazz virtuoso Lawrence Hobgood, Shelter from the Storm.

Alongside her solo work, 2016 saw Barb write music and lyrics for Peter Glanville’s new adaptation of Helen Stephens’ How to Hide a Lion, a show for ages 3-6 which ran at Polka Theatre for four months. It transferred to the Oxford Playhouse and the Little Angel Theatre in 2017 and tours the UK in autumn 2018.

 With a devoted following in the UK, Barb has also built a major fan base in the USA and earned many awards there for her CDs and performances (Broadway World award for Hard Rain in 2014, the Time Out New York Cabaret Nightlife Award for Outstanding Vocalist and Backstage Award for Best International Artist, to name just a few). The Village Voice opined: “One of the best interpreters of Jacques Brel and Bob Dylan anywhere on this angst-ridden planet today.” Time Out New York called Barb “One of the best nightclub singers in the world.” The New York Times said Jungr “is a fearless iconoclast who dives into the deepest waters of popular song to wrest exotic treasure from the ocean floor.” The Wall Street Journal considered her Bob Dylan album Every Grain of Sand, now regarded as a cult classic album, “the most significant vocal album of the 21st century thus far”.


Barb has worked with many of the finest musicians and composers of the UK. With Mark-Anthony Turnage, she wrote About Water, which she sang at the reopening of the Southbank with the London Sinfonietta. Recently she was a featured artist in collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Corby musicians and singers in the Deep Roots Tall Trees project, of which she is artistic director and for which she continues to work.


Barb’s extensive radio and TV appearances in the UK include BBC Radio 4 Start The Week, A Good Read, Saturday Review, Front Row, and Saturday Live. On BBC4 TV she has appeared as an expert on Piaf and Nina Simone and on the singing voice. She was featured in the special Bob Dylan concert filmed at The Barbican Concert Hall for both BBC4 TV and BBC 2. In the USA she is currently featured in an hour-long performance for the nationally shown TV series, The Kate.


“Brings the same creativity for reinterpretation and re-examination that Ella Fitzgerald brought to Cole Porter.” Wall Street Journal.




9th October 2018 - Barb Jungr on London Live tv

Barb Jungr / Hard Rain - 'The making of ...'

Barb Jungr's contemporary arrangement of the songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen was eighteen months in the making- and here she explains what went into her hard hitting album- "Hard Rain", featuring their political and philosophical songs.Film by Matt Lynch.

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Anne Perry

author, literary, book

Anne’s publishing career began with The Cater Street Hangman. Published in 1979, this was the first book in the series to feature the Victorian policeman Thomas Pitt and his well-born wife Charlotte. This is arguably the longest sustained crime series by a living writer. Murder on the Serpentine is the latest (32nd) in the series.  She has now started a series featuring their son Daniel, beginning with 21 Days (2017).

In 1990, Anne started a second series of detective novels with The Face of a Stranger. These are set about 35 years before and features the private detective William Monk and volatile nurse Hester Latterly. The most recent of these (23rd in the series) is An Echo of Murder.

Anne won an Edgar award in 2000 with her short story "Heroes". The main character in the story features in an ambitious five-book series set during the First World War, which were published between 2003 and 2007. Anne is now working on more titles in the Pitt and Monk series, both of which are under option.

None of her books has ever been out of print, and they have received critical acclaim and huge popular success: over 20 million books are in print world-wide. Her books have appeared on bestseller lists in a number of foreign countries, where she has also had excellent reviews.   Her books regularly appear in the New York Times bestseller list, and have also been bestsellers in France, Germany and Canada.  The Times selected her as one of the "100 Masters of Crime", and in 2015 she was awarded the Premio de Honor Aragón Negro.

Moving into a different area, Anne has responded to requests for workshops and teaching by producing her first 'how to write' instructional DVD "Put Your Heart On The Page: An Introduction To Writing" and her much-loved tote bags which also carry that slogan.  Both items are now available to buy direct from her website.  "Developing Your Characters" is the third instalment in Anne's instructional films and is available here.

Rockie Robbins Jazz/Soul Singer/Songwriter

Rockie Robbins is to make his long awaited UK debut at London’s Jazz Café

Sunday, 10th March 2019.

Rockie Robbins was born Edward W. Robbins Jr. in Minnesota, Minneapolis. An uncle owned a record shop which is were Robbins discovered his love of music. By the age of 11 Robbins had amassed a personal collection of over 10,000 singles. In his teens, he sang with The Mystics and recorded a demo, which he sent to A&M Records in Los Angeles. Very rarely does an artist get set signed in this way, but clearly the company heard a quality in his voice they could not ignore.  

He signed to A&M Records in 1979 and embarked on a series of album recordings combining his unique and masterful voice with a musical excellence, on hand during this golden era of soul music.

On his debut self titled album, Robbins worked with arrangers and producers Richard Evans (Natalie Cole, Peabo Bryson, Marlena Shaw, Linda Williams) and Johnny Pate (The Impressions, B.B. King, Betty Everett) from Chicago.

Singles were the self-penned “If I Ever Lose You” and the Earth Wind & Fire cover “Be Ever Wonderful”, the latter making the US R&B charts in 1979. The album came out despite the original recordings being accidentally erased - the whole project had to be started again from scratch. Over half the songs were penned by Robbins, “I Can Hardly Wait” written by Skip Scarborough with Wanda Hutchinson of The Emotions. The re-recording was a success and has left a lasting impact on fans. Released only once on CD in 2002, it remains in demand, original copies exchanging hands for large sums of money..

In 1980 Robbins’ second album “You And Me” was released, the title track becoming a trademark song and Robbins’ biggest hit single, no. 9 on the R&B chart.  He performed live on The Tonight Show. The album also reached 19 in the same chart. It was produced by Bobby Martin (largely associated with Gamble & Huff at Philadelphia International, other big hits for The Manhattans at Columbia and with fellow A&M artists L.T.D. featuring Jeffrey Osborne). “You And Me” was a song by the group Exile taken to a new dimension with Martin’s exquisite production and definitive Robbins’ vocals.  It reached the US R&B Top 10 and stayed on that chart for over five months. The album included songs composed by Sam Dees, Larry Graham, Leon Ware, Zane Grey and Allee Willis, the latter in collaboration with Robbins; from the same period he co-wrote “September” and “Boogie Wonderland” for Earth Wind & Fire.

In 1981 “I Believe In Love” became a third A&M album for Robbins, the title track a US R&B Top 30 hit. Skip Scarborough and Jerry Peters were on board as producers, delivering what some would say was the most consistent album of all. Robbins joined his producers as co-writers for “An Act of Love” and joined Philly writer Ron ‘have mercy’ Kersey as co-writer on “Time To Think”, both songs winning over fans while becoming dance floor hits. Solely in his own name he composed another definitive moment in “Give Our Love A Chance” and sang romantic songs “For You, For Love”, “Talk To Me”, “I’ll Turn To You” and the aforementioned title track, at the top of his game.

After recording a fourth album at A&M, production styles in the mainstream changed and so it was decided to halt the album’s release. Instead Robbins moved to MCA Records where his next album would once again be self-titled. It won over more fans with “I’ve Got Your Number”, “Goodbyes Don’t Last Forever”, and “We Belong Together”.  With Richard Evans back as a producer alongside a team of others and a team of writers and arrangers took the sound closer to what was happening in Los Angeles at Solar Records, the so-called ‘Solar Sound’. Robbins also recorded the song “Emergency” at MCA in 1984 for the Grammy Award winning soundtrack album “Beverly Hills Cop”.

In 1986 and 1987 he performed at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in tributes to both Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson.

More recently Robbins records independently. Now, after a handful of singles Robbins is committed to completing an exciting new album and is currently in session with Minnesota’s Ricky Peterson, continuing an association with the musician that began at A&M in 1979.

Rockie Robbins is to make his long awaited UK debut at London’s Jazz Café in March 2019.


Nathan Carter

Soon after returning from his hugely successful US debut tour September 2017, Nathan was back on UK soil presenting the second leg of his successful “Livin’ The Dream” tour to sold-out venues, including a five-night sold-out stint at the Eden Court theatre, Inverness. Already tickets for his London Palladium date on the 17 March 2018 are scarce.

Annie Machon

Annie Machon is a former MI5 intelligence officer, media pundit, international public speaker and writer. She is frequently seen on domestic and international television news channels.

In addition she is a writer and political campaigner with a rare perspective on the inner workings of governments, intelligence agencies and the media. As well as a profound respect for all things geek Annie is passionate about the need to protect digital freedoms.

In early 2017 Annie was invited to submit a written statement during the government led initiative consultation of the Law Commission’s review of the Official Secrets Act (OSA). This is designed to treat whistleblowers, journalists and publishers as traitors, facing a 14 jail sentence, up two years on the 1898 OSA.

Indeed, Annie was an intelligence officer for MI5, the UK Security Service, before resigning to help her former partner and colleague David Shayler, blow the whistle on the crimes, incompetence and lack of accountability of the spies. The story made headlines around the world in the late 1990s. They had to go on the run around Europe, face arrest and prison, and live in exile in France for 3 years.

From 2012 to 2016 Annie was the European Director of LEAP, a global group of serving and former police officers, lawyers, judges, intelligence officers, prison governors, customs officers and former drug czars. LEAP speakers have worked on the front line of the failed “war on drugs” policy, recognise this abject failure, and as a result campaign for the end to drug prohibition.

In the role she helped initiate new national LEAP groups in the UK and Germany, has spoken in a number of European parliaments, international conferences, and festivals, met with government ministers, government advisers and drug czars across Europe, represented LEAP four times at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual event in Vienna, and even appeared in the occasional film - most notably in The Culture High.

Annie is proud to be on the organising committee of the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence, as well as a member of Veterans for Peace UK and the Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom.

She is currently on the board of The Freedom Index Foundation, and also on the advisory board of the Courage Foundation, supporting key whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. She has also given evidence to both the European Parliament and the UK Parliament about surveillance in the wake of the Snowden disclosures.

Annie has an MA (Hons) in Classics from Cambridge University and is an international public speaker and lecturer, and has delivered keynote speeches at conferences and universities around the world on a variety of issues.


Anna Brocklebank

Malevolent Shadows film (UK)

Film Producer, Songwriter, Lawyer and Doctor

Anna is the Malvern educated socialite who along with her great friend Dr Emily Mabonga, has founded A&E Films to release its debut feature film Malevolent Shadows.

Shot entirely in Corsica, ‘The Undiscovered Jewel of the Mediterranean” Anna and Emily employ the use of long lingering shots as metaphors to enhance and reinforce the emotions explored. Anna laughs wryly as she admits “much of the film is a metaphor of my own life but we hope others may use it as a vehicle to question their own relationships and moral values. Betrayal, love, ethics and whom you trust are the over arching themes set against the backdrop of the world of international Art.

The film’s provenance was in response to those whose advice she sought telling Anne ‘it’s impossible’, but that word does not feature in her lexicon. “the challenge gives me a real buzz. Anyone can do anything if they really want to. Perhaps not to the highest level, but you will never know what you can achieve if you don’t at least try!” Anna adds.

Although made with limited funds, and on location, Anna called on her friends to play themselves. “True friendship is tested when you ask those close to you to participate and to give up their valuable time. I’ve been quite lucky they supported this and the film was made in two weeks.”

In addition Anna has written the film’s theme song “Golden Girl” sung by 14 year old Siena-Leigh.

This is not the first time Anna has persuaded others to join her outside their comfort zones. With the help of an eclectic group of friends, she made a Christian song album which managed to raise sufficient finance for the charity "street child" run by Tom Dannat to build several schools for the children living on the streets of Sierra Leone.

Some have called her a polymath..."Oh no!...merely a Jack of a few things ,but sadly Master of none” Anna says. We shall have to wait and see.

Notes For Editors:

Anna, a retired doctor also qualified in law, psychology and acupuncture, has many other interests. A prolific song writer, she paints, dances, shoots and practices martial arts, particularly Kung Fu.

She is a former socialite who frequently "graced" the pages of the tabloids with her flamboyant antics. More recently, she was a judge on ITV’s "Ladettes to Ladies" and a winner of Channel 4’s "Come Dine With Me”.

She found it a hard blow when forced to take early retirement from her defining career as a doctor as a result of a debilitating auto immune disease. Brought up in a medical family she says that medicine was the very oxygen she breathed from an early age.

However, with typical determination, she decided to embark on a new career using whatever other talents she had at her disposal.

In the past she has organised charity balls including being chairman of "the Harley St Ball", fashion shows in aid of the church and has been a model "Even a cover girl for Viola!" she laughs as she recalls the magazine folded after 6 months.

Amanda C Raymond

Son of Sherlock

Epiphany Mill Publishing
Release date: 11th May 2018

When thirteen-year-old Jonathan Eaton discovers that he is really the son of Sherlock Holmes, he sets out on an investigation of his own to find out who his real mother was, what happened to her, and why his identity has been kept a secret.

“Had Doyle himself written Holmes a son, it would have been Jonathan. A mystery and adventure well worth investigating.” Mitch Cullin, author of A Slight Trick of the Mind.

“Sherlock Holmes, the next generation - and what a generation he is! Author Amanda C Raymond makes a stunning debut by creating an enthrallingly astute young protagonist who is every bit worthy of his celebrated lineage. Add to that a beautifully realised Victorian and world, engaging characters and an enticing mystery which will keep readers turning the pages. A must for fans of the Canon, or any lovers of wonderful books which a reader simply can’t put down.” Brooks Wachtel, Emmy award winning writer and author of ‘Lady Sherlock: Circle of the Smiling Dead.’”

The Matt Monro Story UK Tour, Autumn 2018. Matt Monro Jnr

THE MATT MONRO STORY . The Final Tour Autumn 2018


Celebrating the life and music of the legendary Matt Monro.

The Matt Monro story is an inspired and unforgettable show.  A unique event of music, warmth and love, keeping the memory of the man who was known as “The Man with the Golden Voice”, alive.  From Born Free to Walk Away to Portrait Of My Love, be prepared to be transported in time by this tribute to one of Britain’s most popular and endearing singers.


Amanda Cable, Femail, Daily Mail

Diane helped us pull a huge exclusive interview out of the bag – setting up the deal in hours. It made a double page spread in the Daily Mail, complete with the agreed plug for the book. Thanks for being so efficient and honest.

John Stanley, Author

For more than a decade I have been represented by Diane Hinds with extraordinary energy and a stunning level of intuition. Her skills at interfacing with book publishers, major record companies and broadcasters has always meant I gained maximum benefits – as an example two of my books she has represented have entered the Sunday Times Best Seller’s list and I am now published in 10 languages and 14 nations.

Anne Perry

"Diane Hinds has helped my career for over five years, and proved to be diligent in her activities and advice.  She has secured editorial coverage for me throughout the UK, US, part of of Europe, Canada and Australia.  I value her loyalty and friendship."

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14th July 2018 - How To Promote Your Book! Morrab Library, Penzance, Cornwall.

Learn PR skills to help promote you and your book!

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24 September 2018 - How To Promote Your Book, talk. London Library

Exclusive to members of The London Library, Diane Hinds will deliver her popular book PR talk.

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4th October - City Business Library, London. How To Be 'On-Message' When Promoting Your Business!

Learn secrets of a cost-effective campaign to help promote you and your business ....

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5th October 2018 - How To Promote Your Book talk, Upton Library

2:30pm - 4pm

Upton Library, 63 Ford Road, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH49 0TB.  To book, contact elainewilson@wirral.gov.uk.

Put Your Heart On The Page: An Introduction to Writing

 I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to talk about my passion - writing - and passing on little nuggets of advice at the numerous writers conventions at which I attend each year.  The writing workshops I give are not that long and you cannot express all that you’d like to say about writing in a limited time, so I hope that those who are unable to attend the writer’s conventions or writing workshops will get the opportunity to learn the basics of writing.  Buy here:

Plotting To Enrich Your Back Story

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Developing Your Characters

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