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Check out Mike Evin's stunning new video from his forthcoming album release 'Evin On Earth".  Don't forget to see if he's coming to a UK town near you this autumn ...

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Canadian troubadour Mike Evin marks UK debut with tour, album and single release ...

‘Never lose the romance’ - it’s a lyric from Mike Evin’s new album, Evin On Earth, but it’s also a reflection on why he keeps making music. The Canadian piano pop tunesmith has been steadily building a loyal following across North America and beyond for over ten years, yet his new music has the feel of an artist still out to discover something fresh and honest and connect with a wider audience.

Evin On Earth builds on Evin’s soulful sound and tells the story of the search for love and community. As one fan puts it, Evin has a way of “calling out all the meaningless noise we live with these days and just paring music down to simple, beautiful perfection.” This new album, his sixth full-length, is one of his most diverse collection of songs, but it never strays from the consistent and distinctive sound of Evin’s piano and singing. Along the way, Evin wears his various influences on his sleeve and takes us from theatrical power-pop to Afro-Latin grooves, from electro ska to laid-back beach pop. There are touches of The Who, West Side Story, Jason Mraz, ELO, Toots & The Maytals, The Bee Gees and Joe Jackson. Throughout the record, the catchy pop influence of his two mainstays, Billy Joel and Elton John, is alive and thriving. 

Evin looks back to a period of time last year when Evin on Earth looked like it would have to be shelved.  A skiing incident, where he was lost in the woods after dark in -25C temperature, caused Mike to almost lie down in the snow, but with the prospect of hypothermia he had to keep moving.  This resulted in minor frost-bite to his fingers which impacted his piano playing.  “I did visualise my fingers recovering fully daily and I actually worked on my singing during this time.”  he adds.  It took some two months before Mike returned to completing the album.

The new album reunites the  singer/songwriter with some key collaborators from different points in his career: producer Howie Beck (Charlotte Day Wilson) first worked with Evin on 2015’s Life As A Lover, bassist Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies) co-produced 2005’s I’ll Bring The Stereo, and drummer Ian MacKay (Basia Bulat) has toured across Canada and the US with Evin. 

Evin On Earth was recorded in Evin’s home base of Toronto, and the album title has been kicking around since his early years coming up in the Montreal scene. A friend suggested it back then, and Evin originally scoffed at it - but it just seemed right for this album. That same friend challenged Evin to write a short album opening title song, and the result is “Evin On Earth”, a kind of mission statement and salute to artists everywhere. 

Evin’s fans include Canadian icons Barenaked Ladies and Ron Sexsmith. CBC Music called Evin the “next big thing”, and “Have I Ever Loved?” was among the Top 20 most played songs of 2015 on Sirius XM’s CBC Sonica. “Al Green” reached #1 on Sirius XM’s The Verge. In 2017, Barenaked Ladies brought him out to support their US theatre tour, and he’s also shared stages with Sexsmith, Dan Mangan and Sarah Harmer. Audiences love the spontaneity, intimacy and energy of his live shows. 

Mike Evin’s modern spin on piano pop manages to sound contemporary, classic and elusive all at once. His voice is a heartfelt reflection of the human experience. His time spent in Cuba, New Orleans and the Aniishnaabe community of Manitoulin Island have all shaped his art. Now with his new album (out October 11 on Cairomin Records), he’s bringing everyone ‘a little slice of Evin on Earth.’ 

The first single release from this stunning new album is Old Language the video for which was filmed in Cuba (where he spent two months studying percussion), Manitoulin Island, and New Orleans.  



  • “A rarity - a pop composer who isn’t afraid to use his wit or to wear his heart for all to hear” CBC Radio
  • “An overflowing musical universe” Live In Limbo
  • “Danceable sexy pop music that will make you want to sway your hips” The Girl At The Rock Show
  • “Hauntingly beautiful vocals and mesmerizing music” Canadian Beats
  • “Heartwarming” Exclaim!
  • “Mike Evin taps into what motivates people and champions the search for happiness” Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies)
  • “Contagious energy … Mike Evin has all that it takes to get discovered by a wider audience” Musicomania
  • “Mike Evin’s ‘Have I Ever Loved?’ is a modern classic” Adam Levy (Norah Jones)
  • “Evin’s soulful folk-infused pop sound is equal parts infectious and smooth” Halifax Bloggers
  • “His music is fun, the spirit joyful, the hooks ridiculously plentiful” Bob Mersereau (Top 100 Canadian)
  • “The next big thing” CBC Music


  • Wed, 23 Oct - LONDON: house concert
  • Thurs, 24 Oct - LONDON: Troubadour show w/ Angus Munro: http://bit.ly/340WZ8T
  • Sat, 26 Oct - CHESHAM: The Drawingroom concert
  • Sun, 27 Oct - MIDDLESEX: house concert
  • Fri, 1 Nov - OXFORD: house concert
  • Fri, 8 Nov - NORTHAMPTONSHIRE: Nene Valley Brewery concert Sun, 10 Nov - CARDIFF: Acapela Studios show w/ Angus Munro: https://www.acapela.co.uk/events/angus-munro/


  • The January Music (2001)
  • I’ll Bring The Stereo (2005)
  • Let’s Slow It Down (EP 2007)
  • Good Watermelon (2009)
  • Do You Feel The World? (2011)
  • Life As A Lover (2015)
  • With Love From Cuba (EP 2015)
  • Evin on Earth (2019)

Album:  Out 11 October, 2019 on Cairomin Records