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Malevolent Shadows

Debut film by Lady Anna Brocklebank

Anna is the Malvern educated socialite who along with her great friend Dr Emily Mabonga, has founded A&E Films to release its debut feature film Malevolent Shadows.

Shot entirely in Corsica, ‘The Undiscovered Jewel of the Mediterranean” Anna and Emily employ the use of long lingering shots as metaphors to enhance and reinforce the emotions explored. Anna laughs wryly as she admits “much of the film is a metaphor of my own life but we hope others may use it as a vehicle to question their own relationships and moral values. Betrayal, love, ethics and whom you trust are the over arching themes set against the backdrop of the world of international Art.

The film’s provenance was in response to those whose advice she sought telling Anne ‘it’s impossible’, but that word does not feature in her lexicon. “the challenge gives me a real buzz. Anyone can do anything if they really want to. Perhaps not to the highest level, but you will never know what you can achieve if you don’t at least try!” Anna adds.

Although made with limited funds, and on location, Anna called on her friends to play themselves. “True friendship is tested when you ask those close to you to participate and to give up their valuable time. I’ve been quite lucky they supported this and the film was made in two weeks.”

In addition Anna has written the film’s theme song “Golden Girl” sung by 14 year old Siena-Leigh.

This is not the first time Anna has persuaded others to join her outside their comfort zones. With the help of an eclectic group of friends, she made a Christian song album which managed to raise sufficient finance for the charity "street child" run by Tom Dannat to build several schools for the children living on the streets of Sierra Leone.

Some have called her a polymath..."Oh no!...merely a Jack of a few things ,but sadly Master of none” Anna says. We shall have to wait and see.

Notes For Editors:

Anna, a retired doctor also qualified in law, psychology and acupuncture, has many other interests. A prolific song writer, she paints, dances, shoots and practices martial arts, particularly Kung Fu.

She is a former socialite who frequently "graced" the pages of the tabloids with her flamboyant antics. More recently, she was a judge on ITV’s "Ladettes to Ladies" and a winner of Channel 4’s "Come Dine With Me”.

She found it a hard blow when forced to take early retirement from her defining career as a doctor as a result of a debilitating auto immune disease. Brought up in a medical family she says that medicine was the very oxygen she breathed from an early age.

However, with typical determination, she decided to embark on a new career using whatever other talents she had at her disposal.

In the past she has organised charity balls including being chairman of "the Harley St Ball", fashion shows in aid of the church and has been a model "Even a cover girl for Viola!" she laughs as she recalls the magazine folded after 6 months.



After signing distribution rights with Fox Hollow Films in the USA, Malevolent Shadows will be released on the 12th February 2019.

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