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Anne Perry - Put your Heart On The Page: An Introduction To Writing

In response to questions about how to start writing, Anne Perry has made her first instructional DVD Put Your Heart On The Page: An Introduction To Writing. Produced by Diane Hinds. The DVD provides Anne’s unique tips on story structure, characterisation, and everything a beginning writer needs to start writing commercial fiction.

"I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to talk about my passion - writing - and passing on little nuggets of advice at the numerous writers’ conventions at which I attend each year. The writing workshops I give are not that long and you cannot express all that you’d like to say about writing in about 45 minutes, so I hope that those who are unable to attend such events will get the opportunity to learn the basics of writing with this instructional DVD”, she adds.

With more than 26 million books in print, Anne began her career with The Cater Street Hangman, the first in the series which features Thomas and Charlotte Pitt. This series has appeared on many bestseller lists, and prompted one reviewer to say ‘Like reading Thackeray edited by Elmore Leonard’. The latest in the series, Death on Blackheath, is published in September 2013.

Anne’s other Victorian mystery series features William and Hester Monk. The first of these, The Face of a Stranger, was called ‘First rate’ by the New York Times. This series, too, has appeared on many bestseller lists. The latest, Blind Justice, was published in April 2013.

Anne’s awards include the Edgar award (2000) for her short story “Heroes”, the main character of which features in the quintet of novels based around World War 1 and the Reavley family. Anne’s other non-Victorian books include The Sheen on the Silk, which is set in the exotic and dangerous world of the Byzantine empire.

Anne Perry was selected by The Times as one of the twentieth century’s ‘100 Masters of Crime’ and she lives in West Hollywood.

Put Your Heart On The Page: An Introduction to Writing is joined with Plotting To Enrich Your Back Story and Developing Your Characters and are available via Anne's website,

Anne Perry's instructional DVD Put Your Heart On The Page