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2014 News from The Bureau

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UK agency Quidetam signs with New York based Soundview Media Partners for North American distribution

Quidetam Ltd, now know as The Entertainment Bureau - a UK based Arts & Entertainment agency has signed with New York based Soundview Media Partners to represent throughout North America its non-fiction instructional debut film for aspiring writers Put Your Heart On The Page: An Introduction To Writing by leading international and New York Times bestselling writer Anne Perry. Diane Hinds, Director at Quidetam said “this is a significant signing for the agency. I have personally witnessed the extent of enthusiasm from Anne’s fans, particularly in the US where she is a huge draw. It was important for Anne and for us to provide a one-to-one teaching experience for those who are unable to attend the various writers’ conventions to which Anne is invited to every year, and to give those budding writers some encouragement to put their heart on the page. We were very lucky to be introduced to Dan Gurlitz at Soundview Media Partners as he immediately appreciated what we are doing. He has the know-how and contacts to help us break into the all-important US market later this year, particularly as Anne will embark on a major book tour.” Soundview works with and represents filmmakers, artists, and content-owners. Specializing in the development of product lines, and the setting up and expansion of distribution channels, Soundview focuses on special interest categories that target identifiable consumer groups, and facilitates business development by bringing together partners that are strategically aligned with mutually beneficial goals. Soundview also serves the film, audio and video communities in a variety of sales and marketing consultation capacities. read more