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Faith Anthology

Faith Anthology

Whether believer, skeptic, agnostic, atheist or something other, 23 award-winning and bestselling authors share a fascinating, daring, and multifaceted perspective on what faith means (or doesn’t mean).

FAITH: ESSAYS FROM BELIEVERS, AGNOSTICS, AND ATHEISTS is a collection of personal essays that includes bestselling authors such as Anne Perry, who writes about a deeply spiritual faith that embraces and sustains her through every step of her life. Caroline Leavitt writes about tarot cards, mediums and quantum physics to explain her concept of faith. Afghan-American author Tamim Ansary beautifully captures how his Islamic roots led him to the secular mysticism he professes today. London Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith explores faith, interfaith, and his commitment to peace. Raconteur Malachy McCourt brings his famous wit and religious irreverence to the question of religions of all kinds. And BBC radio legend Mara Purl - Milford Haven, USA, was the first American radio drama licensed and broadcast by the BBC, reaching an audience of 4.5 million - shares her evolution into her profound faith.

Honest, provocative and candid, FAITH, begins a larger conversation and invites readers to ask themselves: What do I believe?

Contributing Authors: Anne Perry, Caroline Leavitt, Frank Dabba Smith, Beverly Donofrio, Malachy McCourt, Pam Houston, Aviva Layton, Christine O’Hagan, David Corbett, Tamim Ansary, Amy Ferris, Sylvie Simmons, Davis Misch, Mara Purl, Barbara Graham, Barbara Abercrombie, Dianne Rinehart, Lee Chamberlin, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Carrie Kabak, Amanda Enayati, Susana Frank, Bonnie Garvin.

About Victoria Zackheim:

Victoria Zackheim, the creator of Women’s Voices, is the author of The Bone Weaver and creator/editor of six anthologies, including FAITH: Essays from Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists. Victoria's plays, The Other Woman and Entangled, are in development. On November 9, 2015, The Other Woman will have a nationwide reading, simultaneously, in dozens of theatres across the United States. Her screenplay, MAIDSTONE, is in development with director Peter Werner, and the screenplay SOUTHAMPTON ROW, based on the Anne Perry novel, is in development with Amber Entertainment. She wrote the documentary Where Birds Never Sang: The Story of Ravensbrück and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camps, which aired nationwide on PBS. She teaches creative nonfiction in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, and is a San Francisco Library Laureate.


Questions of faith can ignite a conversation or stop it cold, depending on the beliefs of those conversing. Editor Zackheim (author, editor, playwright; The Bone Weaver) opens a Pandora's box when she asks fellow writer friends to answer a question we all consider at some point in life: What do I believe? Twenty-three personal essays later, Zackheim presents a distinct collection that is honest, thought provoking, outrageous, and endearing. Best-selling author Anne Perry expresses her contemplative journey steeped in faith, while the equally prolific Jacquelyn Mitchard apologetically explains why she remains an atheist. Malachy McCourt has no regrets for his disbelief in his self-proclaimed "anti-religion rant," as Dianne Rinehart writes a mini-manifesto against robotic love. This multifaceted collection is not meant to sway nonbelievers nor to champion those of faith; it is a refreshing reminder that we are free to choose our own path. VERDICT Short, accessible essays for readers with an interest in cultural studies, theology, psychology, and personal writings. (Library Journal Review)


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