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For many artists, the idea of being pigeonholed is abhorrent. Not for Washington DC native Marc Staggers for he fully embraces being vocally likened to the great ‘Luther Vandross’.

“I’ve sung in church for many years. Something which I’ve really enjoyed doing, but when I started singing outside church, I found many people suggesting I sound like Luther Vandross. After all, in my book that’s high praise indeed. Even after I released my debut album Key To My Heart, the comparisons began”, states the proud Staggers.

The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence, including the late Vandross. Marc started singing in the church choir and studied voice as he was growing up. His initial foray into music started with the release of several gospel albums, on which he worked with talented singers such as the late Clifton Dyson. Marc has performed in many venues over the years, and has made numerous radio and television appearances.

Many around the globe, who have written glowing articles and reviews on his soulful singing abilities, have embraced Marc.

After many years of pursuing gospel music, Marc felt that his true heart’s desire was in producing music reminiscent of the type of soul music he listened to growing up. This led to his debut CD Then and Now which generated significant interest and support among music listeners around the world.

In 2011, Marc released a summer time single entitled Soul Summer Love that reached #13 on the U.S. jazz charts, and still continues to be played in regular rotation on a number of US stations. Soul Summer Love is included in Marc’s new album Key to My Heart, which features talented artists like composer and arranger John Stoddard; world-renowned Saxophonist Kirk Whalum; and the versatile soprano Adoree Johnson, who appeared on the U.S.-version of American Idol.

Marc’s brother, Reginald Staggers, has been instrumental in the shaping of the musical direction of both albums. He has worked with notable artists, such as DeVante Swing of Jodeci, Missy Elliot and Timbaland (while they worked with the group Sista), H-Town Boys, Al Johnson, and Harvey Scales. Reginald’s role in composing the music, developing the songs, and collaborating on vocal arrangements has helped to propel Marc’s musical career to a level that has received accolades from many diverse music connoisseurs and fans.

Marc was born in Washington D.C., the nation’s capital, and graduated from Bowie State University (located in a D.C. Suburb, Bowie) with a BS in Accounting. Later he obtained accountancy certification. During his college years, he also studied music with an emphasis on voice, and after graduating college, he continued to study voice under the direction of the world-renowned soprano, Nelda Ormond, under whom he began to recognize his true singing talent, and Ormond was pivotal in helping Marc gain the confidence he needed to pursue a singing career.


  • “ … a thrilling album … filled with RnB vocals that pla smooth and soulful” –
  • “With 'Then And Now', Marc Staggers has crafted what is easily the closet thing to a Luther Vandross album that we're ever likely to get. Vocally the resemblance is uncanny. Staggers has the same warm, tuneful, velvety tone of the great man and - more importantly maybe - his songs and productions (in collaboration with his brother Reggie) are perfectly suited to that voice.
  • “a vocal style that ably stands on his own merit, yet bridges magnificently both Luther Vandross and Randy Wilson, Marc Staggers deserves to be standing in the light, out of the shadows and lapping up your attention in your CD player, iPod, whatever. This independent effort is the latest in a very long line of quality releases free from the cynical bandwagon creating circus of the major label scene. It's obvious listening to albums such as this that there are good old fashioned elements inherent called artistry and creativity at play here. Marc is not afraid to make his own mark on today's healthy independent music scene and this CD of ballads and steppers will do nought to damage his career whatsoever!”

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