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Soul Togetherness

Soul Togetherness presents Soul Life


Welcome to Soul Life, an opportunity for Expansion to present an array of amazing new music between 2015’s Luxury Soul and Soul Togetherness collections. It’s the focus on new that gives this album a point of difference with some key tracks here released for the first time. The emphasis, as with all our compilations, is on quality and it’s a thrill to be working with many of our favourite people, Bluey & Incognito, Errol Henry with Chris Ballin, Ernie McKone of Soul Talk with Sheree Brown and the guys from Sparkles all with brand new tunes along with Cool Million, Tom Glide, Joey Negro with Sean McCabe, Soulperfreesia, Butch & Rhonda Coleman, Rhonda Thomas and Tasha Page-Lockhart with currently impressive hot tracks.

As life on the soul scene continues to thrive through its events, Expansion is proud of its Luxury Soul Weekender and the love of the lounge in which music like this thrives and sounds magnificent on a big system. It continues the tradition born of the modern room at Soul Togetherness in Fleetwood and that CD series Richard Searling and I bring you which is now in its 16th year. With soul music this good, I hope “Soul Life” becomes a valuable part of your collection, especially as it sounds good wherever you are and however you listen.

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