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Kate Corrigan

Kate Corrigan Cross Country cover

Kate Corrigan has won over audiences with her unique Kate Corrigan is the latest, exciting addition to the UK’s Country Music scene. She has been inspired and influenced by many artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Mary Black, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, however it is her vocal talents that have been compared with the multi Grammy award winning Alison Krauss, which Kate believes is high praise indeed!

Kate emerged from the prestigious and world-renowned classical training of the Royal College of Music in London. She was a member of the stunning girl troupe ‘The Madrigirls’ before working with songwriter and former band member of Curved Air, Darryl Way. With him she released two singles – ‘Take Me Home’ and ‘Without You’, both available on i-Tunes or through her website –

As Kate’s musical journey continued, it began taking on a different meaning as she realised that she needed to express her own personal feelings and passions through music and so in the last two years, she took a leave of absence to concentrate on writing her own songs that tell stories of love and loss. Adopted as a baby and discovering her Irish roots in her early twenties, Kate admits that it has sometimes been hard to put into words exactly what she feels and thinks, but agrees that it has been hugely rewarding to hear the results when performed with her band. Her songs happily sit within the Country Music style, and she is excited at the prospect of bringing her unique performances and sound to a whole new audience.

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