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Artisan featuring Emmanuel Vass

Emmanuel Vass

Never one to shy away from controversy, the Specialist Classical chart topping pianist, Emmanuel Vass, has been so motivated by #brexit, he has been inspired to launch his second album to reflect the universal language of music and the variety of people it takes to make a beautiful sound.

With an image of the star in warrior pose, he once again asks his audience to explore their own relationship with music and the artist, and in turn the notion of how encompassing it is to him.

"Music is my whole life", he adds. "It is where I find solace when I'm angry, it soothes and centres me. I vent my frustration through playing and the image I have released represents this to me and I really want the audience to understand how physical and colourful being a musician is, especially to me.

"I'm a migrant too and living in the UK has given me a wonderful opportunity to make a success of my career and to work with talented musicians from around the world on this exciting new venture."

The album will be launch later in the year and Emmanuel Vass will debut his new ensemble 'Artisan' at the Bridgewater Hall in September. Watch this space.

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